Does a Tooth Extraction Hurt?

People need tooth extractions for so many reasons. It is the last resort option that a dentist is left with after tooth decay and other problems destroy a tooth. However, it doesn’t reduce the fear that most people experience knowing they’re visiting the dentist to have a tooth removed from their mouth.

tooth extraction in Franklin

Does it Hurt?

One of the biggest concerns that a person has over a tooth extraction is whether or not it hurts. We all hate pain and do not want to subject ourselves to it. At least, we want to know if it is going to hurt. Not that it solves anything to have this information. Rest assured, however, the answer will surprise you and put your mind at ease.

Easy, Breezy Tooth Extractions

Dental technology and advancements ensure that you will not feel a thing during a tooth extraction in Franklin. There are tons of medications and procedures the dentist has available to make sure of that. You can use sedation dentistry, for example, and you will feel a thing when it is done.

The Tooth Extraction Aftermath

When the extraction is done and you return home, expect some pain and discomfort until it heals. However, if you follow all the dentist’s instructions as stated, even that is not a concern. You will get a prescription for a pain reliever to dull the pain in most cases. OTC medications can also aid you in pain relief.

Choose the Best Dentist

The right dentist eases some of the fears that a person might experience about a tooth extraction and the pain that it causes. Make sure to do your research and choose a professional who meets your expectations. Never settle for less when your smile is on the line.